Plague Blocker (formerly known as thieves)

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Plague Blocker (formerly known as thieves)
Plague Blocker (formerly known as thieves)

Currently available in 10ml bottles. Bottle color may vary

Ingredients: essential oils of cinnamon, eucalyptus, rosemary, lemon, & clove

Plague Blocker is a blend of therapeutic grade essential oils and has a spicy scent.

The essential oils in this blend are very powerful and should never be applied directly to the skin without adding to a carrier oil first.

This oil can be added to a diffuser, added to massage oils,
or once mixed with your favorite carrier oil, applied to the body. I recommend adding one drop of Plague Blocker to 4 drops of carrier oil.

Some of our favorite carrier oils are olive oil, almond oil, and coconut oil.

This oil is also a great addition to homemade cleaning products, soaps, or candles.

The blend was based on the YL Thieves Oil that they claim got its name because thieves used to rub it on their bodies and put it in their masks to prevent from getting the bubonic plague as they stole valuables from the dead and dying.

I’ve been informed that this is a lie, but makes for a great story!


DO NOT INGEST. I do not ingest this oil and you should not ingest this oil. 
These oils are high-quality grade but just because something is natural does not mean it should be taken internally. 

Please speak with your healthcare provider before using any natural health remedy and proceed with caution if you are pregnant, nursing, or considering using on a child.

If you are experiencing plague-like symptoms, please see your primary care provider. 

As with any health and body care product, test on a small area to make sure the product is right for you.